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Ensures your LLM applications are performing reliably by checking on aspects such as correctness, structural integrity, bias, hallucination, etc.

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UpTrain Features

Evaluations to test various aspects of your LLM responses

UpTrain provides a diverse set of pre-built metrics like response relevance, context quality, factual accuracy, language quality, etc. to evaluate your LLM applications upon.

Visualization of UpTrain's ability to track model performance and identify accuracy declines linked to specific feature combinations.

Use UpTrain to find optimal LLM settings by experimentation

UpTrain enables experimentation with multiple prompts, model providers, and custom configurations, offering quantitative scores for direct comparison and optimal prompt selection.

UpTrain supports prompt, model, and chain experimentation, yielding quantifiable scores for comparison.

Utilize UpTrain to detect performance dips with real-time monitoring

UpTrain continuously monitors your application's performance on multiple evaluation criterions and alerts you in case of any issues with automatic root cause analysis.

UpTrain enables customized data filtering for improved model retraining.

Use UpTrain to protect your users against incorrect responses

Use UpTrain to define validation checks, configure retry logics, and protect your users and downstream tasks against undesirable LLM responses.

Achieve automated model enhancement by integrating data annotation, training, and deployment with UpTrain.

Single line of code to run LLM evaluations

With UpTrain's wide array of pre-built metrics, you can run LLM evaluations in less than two minutes.

UpTrain seamlessly integrates with key ML libraries and MLOps tools for quick initiation in 5 minutes
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