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Full-stack LLMops platform for all your production needs from Evaluation to Experimentation to Improvement

UpTrain's key features - full stack LLMOps platform to evaluate, run prompt experiments, manage costs, and collaborate with your team to improve accuracy

Backed by

YCombinator's logo who backed UpTrain, an open-source LLMOps platform with evaluation, experimentation, regression testing and collaboration capabilities.

>1,000,000 responses evaluated

Covers all your LLMOps needs

Enterprise grade tooling to help you iterate faster and stay ahead of competitiors

Diverse evaluations for all your needs

20+ predefined metrics.

Easily define custom metrics within UpTrain’s extendable framework.

UpTrain Dashboard describing different evaluations (such as response quality, context quality, jailbreak, code hallucinations, etc.) and how to configure them

Faster and Systematic Experimentation

Get quantitative scores and make the right decisions.

Eliminate guesswork, subjectivity and hours of manual review.

UpTrain Dashboard showing comparison across two different LLMs with scores for factual accuracy, completeness, relevancy, fluency and guideline adherence

Automated Regression Testing

Automated testing for each prompt-change/config-change/code-change across a diverse test set.

Prompt versioning allows you to roll back changes hassle-free.

UpTrain Dashboard for regression testing where any prompt or code change automatically triggers generation of LLM responses and evaluations.

Know Where Things Are Going Wrong

Not just monitoring, UpTrain isolates error cases and finds common patterns among them.

UpTrain provides root cause analysis and helps make improvements faster.

UpTrain dashboard for root cause analysis i.e. cases with low scores are evaluated across multiple checks, assigned underlying cause for failure and extracted common patterns among them

Enriched Datasets for your testing needs

UpTrain helps create diverse test sets for different use cases.

You can also enrich your existing datasets by capturing different edge cases encountered in production.

Uptrain dashboard to manage datasets. Users have access to all the production logs along with user feedback. They can add them to the dataset or send the data-point for human annotation.

Built for developers, by developers

Build production-grade LLM applications the right way

Self-hosting capabilities of UpTrain, making it a data-governance compliant LLMOps platform

Compliant to data governance needs

UpTrain can be hosted on your cloud - be it AWS, GCP, others

Single line integration capability of UpTrain, a full-stack LLMOps platform for all your needs.

Single-line integration

UpTrain can be integrated in less than 5 mins with a single API call

Capability of UpTrain to generate high quality scores for evaluating LLM responses, conversations, agents and more.

High quality Evals

Innovative techniques generate scores having >90% agreement with humans

Cost efficiency of UpTrain, allowing users to evaluate LLM applications at low costs.

Cost Efficiency

High quality and reliable scoring at a fraction of cost

Reliability of UpTrain, a reliable LLMOps platform, compliant with your data goverance needs

Remarkably Reliable

Be it 100, 10k, or million rows, UpTrain can handle it all without any failures

Uptrain is an open source LLMOps platform with evaluation, experimentation, regression testing and collaboration capabilities


The core evaluation framework of UpTrain is open-source.

Guardrails that your LLM needs

Precision metrics that helps you understand your LLMs

Task Understanding

  • Response relevancy

  • Structural Integrity

  • Completeness

  • Conciseness

Context Awareness

  • Retrieval Quality

  • Hallucinations

  • Context Utilization

Language Features

  • Coherence

  • Toxicity

  • Fairness & Bias

  • Interestingness

  • Emotion & Tone


  • Guideline Adherence

  • Presence of certain keywords etc.


  • System Prompt Leak

  • Jailbreak

  • Code Leak

Diverse needs solved by a single Platform

Whether you are a developer, a product manager or a business leader, UpTrain got you covered

UpTrain for

Never worry about the performance of your LLM applications in production

  • Be sure about prompt changes

  • Systematic experimentation

  • Know that LLMs are working reliably

  • Provide feedback by highlighting cases

UpTrain for

Build - Debug - Improve your LLM applications easily with UpTrain

  • No more tedious manual reviewing

  • Collaborate with product team, get feedback fast

  • Root cause analysis

  • No more complex workflows with thousands of scripts

Frequently Asked Questions

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UpTrain, an open-source LLMOps platform with evaluation, experimentation, regression testing and monitoring capabilities, backed by YCombinator

Full-stack LLMOps platform for all your production needs.

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ISO Certification for UpTrain, an open-source LLMOps platform with evaluation, experimentation, regression testing and monitoring capabilitiesGDPR Certification for UpTrain, an open-source LLMOps platform with evaluation, experimentation, regression testing and monitoring capabilities