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Observe and refine AI applications by seamlessly adding custom monitors

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UpTrain Features

Track Model Performance in Real-time

UpTrain observes the performance of your model and pin-points (any) dip in model’s accuracy to a specific feature combination

UpTrain’s Dashboard highlighting the performance of Machine learning model post deployment

Track Data Distribution Shifts as they happen

UpTrain compares your production data-points’ distribution against your training dataset and detects out-of-distribution cases

UpTrain’s Dashboard showing Data Distribution Shifts as they happen

Define Signals to Collect Edge-cases

UpTrain allows you to define “Signals” as a way to incorporate your domain-specific knowledge which are used to filter out specific subsets of data which can be used to retrain the model

UpTrain’s Dashboard showing edge case collection

Smart and Automated Model Retraining

With UpTrain, you can attach your existing data annotation, model training, and deployment pipelines to activate a completely automated continuous model improvement cycle

Pop-up box showcasing retraining upon edge cases collected by UpTrain

Seamless Integration into your existing pipelines

UpTrain offers seamless integration with all the major ML libraries and MLOps tools, allowing you to get started in less than 5 minutes

Image showing UpTrain integration with multiple ML models and cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, Tensorflow, Pytorch etc.


UpTrain is built by passionate ML engineers who aim to leverage their past experience and democratize the best-in-class ML observability and Refinement tooling for the open-source community

Sourabh Agrawal



Sourabh has built and deployed end to end ML systems of varying complexities at Insane AI (an AI-powered fitness startup he founded), Goldman Sachs (ML in finance) and Bosch (Deep learning consultant for autonomous driving). He is an alum of IIT Bombay.

Shikha Mohanty



Shikha has been a venture builder and SaaS investor in the past. She has worked with several deeptech companies and has contributed to their growth journeys. She is an alum of The University of Hong Kong.

Vipul Gupta



Vipul has experience in building large scale ML systems at Meta, Apple and ByteDance. He is an alum of IIT Kanpur and has received his PhD from UC Berkeley, where he worked closely with Professors Kannan Ramchandran (BLISS Lab) and Michael Mahoney (RISE Lab).

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